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All-in-One Real Estate Investment Calculator

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Have you wondered whether to buy a house or rent one? Have you wondered whether you can afford an investment property? What's the return on real estate investment vs stock, CD and other investments? What's the tax benefit to own a property? What's the monthly cost? Can you achieve a positive cash flow on your investment property? Should you buy a house with cash or mortgage?

If you have any of the above questions, you have come to the right place. To help real estate investors, we have compiled a simple to use spreadsheet to help you to do all the calculations and make a wise decision.

You may ask, with so many calculators on the web, what advantages does your calculator have?

Well, after analyzing all the calculators on the web, we decide that none of them have the necessary features needed for first time or experienced real estate investors.

Our Calculator can dynamically analyze the cash flow and return on investment of the property on ANY term of periods you are planning to hold.

Our Calculator includes the most complete cost list that may happen in a rental property business to help you derive result accurately. Most calculators don't consider all the costs which can be very misleading when it comes to your cash flow calculation, especially for a novice in real estate investment.

Our calculator gives the details of calculation steps to help novice as well as seasoned investors to fully understand and further dig into all the factors that have effects on cash flow and return on investment.

Our calculator has detailed instructions to help you understand the business as well as the calculation.

We put all the calculation functions together and you can do different types of analysis with just one low priced calculator. Here's the all the calculators we included in this All-in-One Real Estate Investment Calculator.

Rent vs. Buy Analysis Calculator

This Rent vs. Buy calculator lets you determine financially whether you should buy a house or rent a house. It accurately calculate savings between buying a house and rent one.

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Sample Rent vs Buy Calculator

Rental Property Cash Flow and Return on Investment Calculator

This useful calculator helps you determine what's the cash flow situation on the investment property you are interested in. When considering appreciation and tax benefit, what's the return on investment. By changing the period to hold, you can easily derive the minimum years you need to hold the property to keep even.

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Sample Cash Flow and Return on Investment Calculator

Rental Investment Properties Comparison Calculator

This comparison calculator allows you to compare two rental properties to determine which has a better cash flow or to compare the same property with different mortgages to determine which finance term give you a better return.

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Sample Return on Investment Comparison Calculator

Multi-Mortgage Comparison Calculator

A Multi-Mortgage calculator is a loan term comparison that can compare up to 4 different mortgages at the same time. This mortgage calculator calculates the monthly payment and your total interest paid over the mortgage term to help you determine the mortgage term.

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Sample Multi-Mortgage Comparison Calculator

Mortgage Options:With or Without Points

This mortgage calculator compares mortgage of no point with buying points. How much does it reduce the monthly payment? How long can you get even? What's the saving over the life time of the mortgage?

Click on sample calculator to see a sample page of the calculator.
Sample Mortgage Options Calculator

If you have any special requirement that you don't find in our calculator, contact us and we can quote you on the special feature. We strive to make our calculator the most useful tool in your decision making process.

All-in-One Real Estate Investment Calculator

price: $29.99